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Project Athia from Square Enix was designed exclusivly for PS5

This new Square Enix title looks to take players on an epic fantasy journey.


Project Athia is a new game from Square Enix that is currently being developed for the PlayStation 5. The unveiling of this game also revealed that the team at Square has designed Project Athia exclusively for PS5. You can check out the official unveiling of Square Enix’s new title below!

Project Athia is designed exclusively for the PS5

The reveal trailer for Project Athia gives players a glimpse into what kind of world they can expect to explore in Square Enix’s new title. It would appear as if players take on the role of a female character experiencing some kind of high-fantasy world full of dangerous beasts.

One perhaps interesting titbit picked up from the trailer is that the character is seen wearing tennis shoes. This would seem to indicate the world is set within one like our own, as opposed to a full fantasy setting. However, the trailer also reveals she’s in a world not her own, so maybe some kind of dimension-hopping has occurred.

It’s also worth noting that when developers use the word “Project” in a title, it is often a working title. This means Project Athia likely is not the final title and we could see one announced at some point in the future.

Be sure to take a moment to look over the Shacknews PlayStation 5 page. It’s here that we’re collating every single piece of hot news to come out of Sony’s major PlayStation 5 console and game reveal event. There is a lot to unpack and a lot to read as well as a lot to be excited about! You can also check out the Project Athia page for any news that comes out about Square Enix’s new game.

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