Resident Evil Resistance update goes to Prison this Friday

The Mastermind isn't locked up in prison with you. You're locked in there with him in this Friday's Resident Evil Resistance update.


Resident Evil 3 seemed to have come and gone back in April, getting drowned out by increasingly more high-profile AAA releases. However, the remastered story was only one piece of that formula. Remember that the game also featured a multiplayer offshoot called Resident Evil Resistance. That game is about to get a noteworthy update this Friday.

The biggest addition being touted in this newest Resident Evil Resistance update is an all-new map. This new location will take players into a new Prison stage, which features all of the locations that one would expect out of a dilapidated maximum security penitentiary. There are run-down jail cells, a murky basement, and a laundry facility. There isn't much lighting to help you through this frighteningly dark area, so communication with teammates will be essential if there's any hope of escaping the player-controlled Mastermind.

The next Resistance update will also feature a number of new skins, which carry that signature Capcom sense of humor. Players can carry around colorful weapons, as well as some quirky new costumes. Feel like sporting a fashionable DJ outfit or carrying around a neon pink plunger? Sure, that's entirely possible. Want to wander around as a furry foursome with everybody donning furry mascot costumes? That's a little weird, but you do you! Nobody's judging here.

The next Resident Evil Resistance update is set to arrive this Friday, June 12 with these updates, as well as a fresh round of balance updates and bug fixes. There are no patch notes, as of this time, though that might change between now and Friday's patch deployment. You'll want to keep up with Capcom-Unity for the latest. If you're late to this particular party and don't know about the multiplayer-only Resident Evil Resistance, go ahead and check out our original review.

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