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Predator: Hunting Grounds will get Alpha Predator DLC this summer

The Alpha Predator is more than just a toy. It's about to be a new DLC character for the PS4's Predator: Hunting Grounds.


Classic franchises like Predator are all about playing the hits. That's been one of the driving forces behind the recently-released Predator: Hunting Grounds. But developer IllFonic would also like to introduce some new hotness to its man-vs-Predator multiplayer romp. On Wednesday, it was the National Entertainment Collectibles Association (NECA) who came with good news for Predator players, as they announced that the Alpha Predator that they've been hard at work designing is about to become a playable class in Predator: Hunting Grounds.

NECA has been putting together Predator toys for quite some time and the Alpha Predator, in fact, is its 100th figure in the Predator action figure line. Here's how the Alpha Predator is described on The Toyark:

"We have been working closely with the great team at IllFonic," NECA Director of Product Development Randy Falk said via press release. "When the opportunity presented itself to allow for the inclusion of Alpha Predator into the game we jumped at the chance. It's so gratifying to see our original action figure design come to life as a playable character in the game. The whole NECA studio was elated to see the character model and we cannot wait to play as Alpha this Summer."

While there's no price for the Alpha Predator just yet, expect it to run for somewhere close to the $6.99 price point that's currently attached to Dutch. However, there is an alternative method to pick this guy up. Toy collectors can grab the initial run of Alpha Predator action figures and find a DLC code inside those boxes. No word on when the Alpha Predator action figure will hit shelves. The Alpha Predator will come to Predator: Hunting Grounds this summer on PS4.

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