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Frostpunk's third DLC expansion teeters On The Edge this summer

Frostpunk is venturing further into the unknown with its third DLC expansion, On The Edge, set to release this summer.


Nobody really thinks about snow or winter in July. But 11 Bit Studios still has some more expansions to roll out for Frostpunk's season pass. So with that, the developer has announced what's next for the survival strategy game, as PC players prepare to go On The Edge.

There isn't much to go by simply looking at the On The Edge teaser trailer. But the third expansion will introduce a new story scenario set after the events of the Great Storm. Frostpunk is promising new challenges and mechanics that will apply to both the city and the Frostland map. Speaking of the Frostland map, On The Edge will also introduce a whole new map to explore and survive. And as the game's developers point out, players will have to adjust in order to deal with whole new conflicts and challenges among their fellow survivors.

"The Edge symbolizes the cross between what has been the past and what's new to come," lead designer Maciej Sulecki said in today's announcement. "Although the society of New London, the city believed to be the last one on Earth, has survived, it doesn’t mean the struggle is over. The people face new challenges that are catalysts to spark up divisions, new problems, and conflicts based on the fact, that people might have different points of view, different perspectives. Different outlook, so to speak. This is the Edge that you will face as the leader of the society that survived the great snowstorm of Frostpunk"

Look for more information on Frostpunk's On The Edge expansion, including the various new mechanics, map, and various scenarios, in the weeks ahead. Frostpunk: On The Edge will release this summer on PC. No word on whether it will make its way to the Console Edition, which was released earlier this year.

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