A Total War Saga: Troy will be Epic Games Store exclusive & free for first 24 hours

Sega and Creative Assembly are bringing A Total War Saga: Troy exclusively to the Epic Games Store, and fans can claim it for free on its first day of launch.


The Total War series is set to move forward via A Total War Saga: Troy, but it’s going to have some interesting release details behind it. Firstly, the game is coming exclusively to the Epic Games Store for one year in August 2020 and will launch on Steam in 2021. Secondly, if you pick it up in the first 24 hours of its launch, you don’t have to pay a dime. The game will be free to claim for its first day on the Epic Games Store.

Creative Assembly announced this special promotion in a FAQ about A Total War Saga: Troy, posted recently on the Total War website. According to the FAQ, as A Total War Saga: Troy launches on August 13, 2020, it will launch exclusively as an Epic Games Store exclusive for one year. That means it will likely come to Steam in August 2021. As a part of this exclusivity, those who jump on board on day one are in for a treat. Claim the game on its launch day on the Epic Games Store and you get it to keep for free, no strings attached. The game is yours to keep.

A Total War Saga: Troy has been a curious new addition to the Total War franchise ever since we heard about it back when it debuted in September 2019. The “Saga” moniker is all new to the franchise. For Creative Assembly, it’s a chance to approach the Total War games from new angles and try to hone in on certain narratives with its often vast games, although Creative also says Total War Saga: Troy will feature all the depth and multiple factions players should expect out of a Total War game.

“Total War Saga titles are our chance to think differently in our designs, often leading to new ideas, mechanics, and perspectives that go on to influence future era titles,” Creative Assembly wrote in their FAQ.

Either way, if you’re quick to the punch, you don’t have to risk anything to see for yourself what it’s about. Be sure to stay tuned and claim your copy of A Total War Saga: Troy when it launches on August 13, 2020, if you want to grab the game for free.

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