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Discover the trick to finding grottos in Maneater when you're out searching the world.


Finding grottos in Maneater can sometimes be easy and other times a bit complex. For those that choose to ignore the story and explore as far as possible, finding grottos can be time-consuming if you don’t know exactly where they are. If you want to unlock most of the map ahead of the story, you’ll want to locate each grotto to use it as a fast travel point later on.

How to find grottos

For the most part, you will be told exactly where to find grottos as the story progresses. Once you’ve completed each quest in an area, the game will highlight the location of the grotto in the next area. However, for those that choose to explore ahead of the story’s pace, finding grottos can be a bit challenging.

maneater find grotto location
As you progress through the story, a marker will be placed on the next grotto. Alternatively, look for the glowing cable that leads straight into it!

The one trick to finding grottos is to begin searching in the central region of the area. The grotto will typically allow easy access to most areas of the region. To do this, it has to be in a somewhat helpful location.

Maneater find grottos locations
If the story isn't marking a grotto in a new area, search for the Deep End buoy, it will lead you straight to the grotto.

But the best way to find a grotto is to look out for a specific buoy in the area. These buoys will have bright, orange cables that snake and twist down into the grotto. Look for these when you first reach an area to easily find the grotto. These cables are presumably to power the little submarines in the grottos, so that the documentary crew can continue capturing your sharky behavior.

Once you’ve located each of the grottos, fast travelling in Maneater will become much easier. These will be your hub in each region, allowing you to easily jump between areas, a useful mechanic for those looking for all the collectibles.

Now that you’ve learned the basics of finding grottos in Maneater, you can get back to seeking revenge on Scaly Pete. Knife over to the Shacknews Maneater page for even more shark-related goodness.

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