A new Serious Sam 4 trailer has been revealed by Devolver Digital

Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass is the next installment in the zany series created by Croteam, and will be coming in August 2020 to Steam and Google Stadia.


Players have gotten a fresh look at Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass thanks to a premiere stream by Devolver Digital. This latest entry in the long-running series looks to offer players the Sam “Serious” Stone they know and love from almost two decades ago. Check out the reveal video below to see the new trailer, as well as the latest info on platforms and launch date!

Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass gets a new trailer

It’s been a couple of years now since players first heard about Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass. One of the first teases occurred way back in April 2018, where Croteam showed Sam cruising across a country side, straight towards an armada. This was later expanded upon at E3 2018 where a behind-closed-doors demo was available. The latest trailer isn't long but it does show an army of creatures running across a meadow (chased by none other than Sam himself). Finally we got a launch window. Serious Sam 4 is slated for August 2020 on Steam and Google Stadia.

We were able to speak with one of the developers from Croteam about Serious Sam 4 at E3 2018. The developer was able to go into what it was like developing the levels using photo scans and also touched on the story might be a prequel. But the biggest takeaway from this interview was the news of the Legion System. This allows the developers to have “tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands” of enemies on screen at a given time. We can’t wait to hear what 100,000 Beheaded Kamikazes sound like.

Serious Sam 4 Planet Badass Beheaded Kamikaze
The Beheaded Kamikaze makes a return in Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass.

The Serious Sam franchise first began back in 2001 with Serious Sam: The First Encounter. Since then, there have been a couple of HD rereleases as well as more than a dozen games and spin-offs. While the series has certainly not slowed down, Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass will be the first in the main series since Serious Sam 3: BFE released in 2011.

Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass is currently scheduled to release in August 2020. Make sure you add it to your Steam wishlist and check out the Shacknews Serious Sam 4 page for more information and news as it develops.

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