Squanch Games celebrates Trover Saves the Universe's first anniversary

Justin Roiland and the rest of his studio have a month of Squanch Games goodies lined up in celebration of the anniversary of Trover Saves the Universe.


It has already been an entire year since Squanch Games brought Justin Roiland’s enjoyably bizarre comedy to the gaming space with the debut of Trover Saves the Universe. With the one-year anniversary of Trover Saves the Universe upon us, Squanch Games is getting ready to kick off a month worth of celebratory content and events, including a sale of the game.

Squanch Games announced the one-year anniversary and upcoming events centered around Trover Saves the Universe on May 15, 2020. It all starts with a 40% off sale available now through the coming month on the Epic Games Store and Nintendo Switch editions of the game. Even further, Squanch Games announced that Trover Community Challenges will kick off on May 18 and some exclusive giveaways will begin on the week of May 25, all via the Trover Saves the Universe Twitter and Squanch Games Twitter and Discord.

With a year behind it, Trover Save the Universe is arguably fully deserving of a celebration for how good it is.
With a year behind it, Trover Save the Universe is fully deserving of a celebration for how good it is.

Justin Roiland was happy to share in the celebration, offering up some very Justin Roiland commentary for the anniversary.

“Thanks for buying my game, guys! I'm assuming you already bought it, 'cause you said you would, but then again, maybe you didn't. In which case you should,” Roiland commented. “We're all stuck inside with nothing to do. I think we could all use a good laugh. It's not too expensive, either. 40% off! I'm not gonna do the math, but that sounds like a pretty good deal to me. Am I rambling? Should I stop now? I'm gonna stop.”

Squanch Games Co-Founder and CEO Tanya Watson also shared elation and teased a possibility of more fun ahead with Trover and Squanch Games.

“Your ongoing support has been amazing, and the team at Squanch Games have loved reading your reviews,” Watson said. “We’re also incredibly grateful for all the critics who also seem to enjoy going on Trover’s comedy-adventure, as it was nominated for over eight Best of VR awards in 2019. Thanks again to everyone who played it, we’re hoping there’s more in store for Trover fans, yet.”

We certainly enjoyed our time with Trover. And we had the pleasure of having the man himself, Mr. Roiland, sit down and chat with us about games, buttholes, and all things in between back when physical E3s were feasible.

A big congrats to Squanch Games on their one-year milestone with Trover Saves the Universe. If you haven’t picked up the game yet or aren’t sure about it, be sure to check out our Shacknews review and find out why we wholeheartedly recommend you check Trover Saves the Universe out, especailly while it's on sale.

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