Ghost of Tsushima's 'Samurai Cinema' mode turns the game into a grainy, black & white adventure

Today's State of Play revealed a special 'Samurai Cinema' mode which transforms Ghost of Tsushima into a a grainy, black & white work of art.


If you’re as big of a fan of old-school Samurai cinema as the fine folks at Sucker Punch, then we’ve got news for you. Today’s State of Play revealed a load about the upcoming game, including a special film grain which turns the entirety of Ghost of Tsushima into a black and white masterpiece, complete with the film grain that makes samurai movies so endearing.

During the May 14 Sony State of Play, we were able to get a good look at what the upcoming open-world game from Sucker Punch Productions has to offer. On top of hitting all the sweet, Samurai high notes, the game is also taking things a step further by offering up Samurai Cinema mode. We don’t know exactly how we’ll turn this mode on just yet, but we do know from the presentation that it will turn the entire game into a grainy, black and white adventure.

If the combat and other samurai-centric mechanics weren’t enough to excite long-time samurai fans, then the inclusion of this special mode which turns the game into an old-school samurai film should be perfect for getting the hype train rolling. Sucker Punch looks to have put a lot of work into Ghost of Tsushima to bring the world to life, and we’re extremely excited about trying the game out when it releases in July.

If you want to learn more about Ghost of Tsushima, then be sure to check out the State of Play, which we’ve embedded above. There’s a ton of information in the nearly 19-minute video, and you won’t want to miss out on any of it. Players will also learn from watching the State of Play that Ghost of Tsushima will include the ability to change out Jin’s armor and give him access to more abilities and specs, allowing you to finetune your playstyle based on what you’re wearing.

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