EVO Online announced - Super Smash Bros Ultimate removed from lineup

EVO Online has been announced with most of the original lineup, plus four new tournaments including Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath, but it would appear Smash Bros Ultimate has been cut.


Speculation was abound as to how EVO 2020 would be handled once the physical event was canceled and the organizers promised an online replacement. Given that netcode has been tricky in many modern fighting games, the matter has been up in the air. Nonetheless, EVO Online has been revealed with content promised for most of the original lineup, plus tournaments in games like Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath and Killer Instinct, with one notable exception. Super Smash Bros Ultimate appears to have been removed from the original lineup.

EVO Online was announced via the official EVO Twitter on May 13, 2020. Set to take place over the course of five weekends starting on July 4, 2020, EVO Online will feature content and exhibitions for the canceled EVO 2020’s original line-up. It is unknown what the exhibitions and events for the original line-up will entail, but content will likely include new reveals in the various games as EVO often does. Meanwhile, four open tournaments will be available through EVO Online. They are as follows.

One entry that’s completely gone from the EVO Online lineup is Super Smash Bros Ultimate. It’s probably no wonder why. Smash Ultimate’s online play systems are notoriously low quality and the game has had plenty of trouble as the Smash community has tried to keep things going through online competition. Though it would have been fine in a physical event as originally intended in the EVO 2020 lineup, it’s safe to say Smash Ultimate would have been terrible in any form of event done for EVO Online. The four open tournaments on the other hand have been known to feature solid netcode and should make for better experiences in online competition.

EVO Online is set to take place on the following dates.

  • July 4 - 5
  • July 11 - 12
  • July 18 - 19
  • July 25 - 26
  • July 31 - Aug 2

Sign ups have not been announced for EVO Online at this time, but should be coming soon, along with further event details. Was it a good idea to remove Smash Bros from EVO Online altogether? Let us know in the Chatty comment section below and stay tuned to Shacknews for more information and news on EVO Online and how to compete.

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