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Are there dogs in Sea of Thieves?

A lot of pirates want to know if there are dogs in Sea of Thieves so they can take a furry friend on an adventure.


Sea of Thieves has recently been filled with pets of various kinds. There are different types of monkeys, parrots and even cats. But for those who want a dog by their side, some players are beginning to wonder if there dogs in Sea of Thieves, and if not, does Rare plan to add dogs? Both are good questions.

Are there dogs in Sea of Thieves?

As of the time of writing, there are unfortunately no dogs in Sea of Thieves. There are, however, a few other pets for players to get their hands (or hooks!) on. Players can purchase three different types of parrots, monkeys, and cats. Each of these animals can also wear special outfits.

Sea of Thieves pet dogs
Lola would make for an excellent crew member in Sea of Thieves.

There were also a couple of special pet types in the form of a skeleton monkey and parrot, along with a Reaper’s Bones themed monkey and parrot.

While there are currently no dogs in Sea of Thieves, that doesn’t mean there never will be. Rare is continually adding to the game, and it likely made sense to introduce monkeys and parrots first. Players were already aware of concept art of cats, and cats were often kept on ships to hunt mice. So it's at least logical that these were added before dogs.

But do not despair because it's worth mentioning that the team at Rare are certainly dog lovers. The Studio Head of Rare, Craig Duncan, often posts pictures of his beautiful pups on Twitter, so the team has some good inspiration! Now, if we here at Shacknews could make one request, it would be that Lola makes it into the game!

Dogs might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think “pirates”, but Sea of Thieves is all about creating your own sort of story. So while there are no dogs in Sea of Thieves at the moment, there’s a good chance Rare will add in man’s best friend. All we need to do is be patient and let Rare know we’d love to have another furry friend to buy! For more answers to your burning questions, be sure to visit the Shacknews Sea of Thieves guide and walkthrough.

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