Doom Eternal teases campaign DLC with pretty intense environmental screenshots

Id Software is gearing up for some campaign DLC on Doom Eternal, and they have shared screenshots of some pretty vast looking locales we'll be exploring.


Doom Eternal roared into the scene back in March and it’s been ripping and tearing to give players more of what they loved in the 2016 reboot. That said, if you’ve already done the aforementioned ripping and tearing, until it was done, then no worries. Campaign DLC is on the way for Doom Eternal and id Software just showed off the first screenshots of what we can expect.

Id Software shared screenshot teasers from the upcoming Doom Eternal DLC via the Doom Twitter on May 8, 2020. It’s only two screens, but they are vast and rich to say the least. The first shows us angelic looking station (we can only guess given the giant steel halo) with floating rocks and debris, sweeping winds, scattered installations just below it and a starry sky above. It’s quite regal and pretty for something in a Doom game, but makes sense given the latest turns in the narrative. The second screen shows a massive ocean installation caught in sweeping waves under stormy skies. Both areas look absolutely vast and gorgeous. See for yourself just below.

Doom Eternal was an excellent follow-up to the 2016 reboot to say the least. It offered a lot of verticality, some very cool boss encounters, and a healthy dose of demon murder. Despite issues with composer Mick Gordon that caused him to part ways with id Software, it also had a pretty incredible soundtrack, building off of the awesome electronic metal riffs put together in the 2016 game. All in all, it was good enough to pull a high score from us in our Shacknews review, even if it wasn’t quite the surprising masterpiece 2016’s Doom was.

With our first looks at Doom Eternal’s campaign DLC, it will be interesting to see where the battle takes our Doomslayer next. Though if the images are any indication, it will be quite the scenic tour. Stay tuned to Shacknews as we await further details and news about Doom Eternal’s DLC.

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