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Twitch rolls out new streamer channel page design options

In an effort to make life for streamers easier, Twitch is rolling out new customization options for the streamer home page.


Twitch has been pouring in a lot of hard work to make life for the average streamer a little bit easier. But that doesn't just apply to when the red light is on. They also want to make things better for when the stream is over. On Wednesday, the streaming giant outlined the changes coming to the redesigned channel page.

Starting today, Twitch users can now utilize an improved channel home page. They will now have greater decorative options, including bigger banners, avatars, channel trailers, and video shelves to show off some of their greatest moments. The Videos tab will now have a customizable layout to allow for custom curation. Creators can also take advantage of better bio options, which includes links to social media platforms.

For bigger streamers who operate on a set schedule, knowing what comes on when can be a necessity. So it's a good thing that Twitch is now integrating schedules into user channel pages. This allows viewers and subscribers to get an idea of what's coming from their favorite streamer and plan accordingly. For the streamer, they can also enable Vacation Mode, which will inform their viewers of any instances where the streamer is either taking a much-needed rest or going off to attend an event.

This has been a strong couple of months for Twitch, in terms of rolling out features for its users. Back in March, the company rolled out stronger banning and blocking measures along with new moderation tools. The channel tools should be ready to go right now. For more information, check out the Twitch website. And maybe subscribe to Shacknews on Twitch while you're there.

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