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Twitch introduces Mod View tools for channel moderators

Twitch's often-overworked moderator community is about to get a little bit of relief thanks to some new mod tools.


Over the last week, Twitch has been endeavoring to make life a little more pleasant for its users. Considering so many people stuck at home for weeks, possibly even months, the last thing anybody wants to deal with is an irritating troll. Twitch's latest tool is aimed at helping moderators in an effort to make their often-thankless work a little bit easier. This tool is called Mod View.

Mod View is an entirely new channel mode specifically designed for Twitch channel moderators. A number of tasks that were previously tied to typed-in commands are now being offered through standalone widgets. The widgets can be moved or resized for the moderator's convenience.

On top of that, if a mod notices a troublemaker making a rude or harassing comment, the mod can simply click on their name to open up their comment history. They can then address that user as they see fit by doling out a ban, a timeout, or using the Whisper feature to tell them directly to knock it off. If there's concern about too many cooks in the kitchen dealing with the same dish, the Active Mods, and Mod Actions features are present to help moderators better communicate with one another.

Combined with Friday's implementation of stronger banning and blocking measures, Twitch is presenting a greater commitment towards making their platform friendlier for everyone. These new additions should hopefully make Twitch Chat the fun place that it can be and not the cesspool that it can often devolve into during major events.

For more on today's additions, check out the Twitch blog.

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