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Strike Wanted Escapee locations - Destiny 2

Where to find all of the Wanted Escapees hiding out in Strikes in Destiny 2.


The Wanted targets aren't just limited to Lost Sectors and patrols, some also appear in Destiny 2's Strikes. For players looking to complete all the Triumphs, finding the location of the Strike Wanted escapees is time-consuming, especially if you don’t know where to look.

Wanted Escapee locations

There are a total of 18 Wanted Escapees to find in Strikes in Destiny 2. These are similar to Spider’s Wanted bounties, except Spider won’t direct you to hunt them. Instead, these are only mentioned in the Triumphs. For some of these Strikes, there are two Wanted targets within, though most of these Strikes only have one target.

When a Strike has two Wanted targets, one or the other will spawn, not both. It could take multiple attempts for the right target to spawn. These spawns change depending on what enemy faction is in the Strike.

Note: Most Wanted targets are right before the final boss fight. Look for the on-screen text that says a Wanted target has appeared.

Wanted Target Strike Location in Strike
The Navigator's Claw Lake of Shadow When you get outside on the damn wall, find the Wizard will be on the left.
Dishonored Valus The Arms Dealer Before the final fight against the boss, as you're chasing the boss to the elevator.
Whisper of Oryx The Pyramidion On the platform where the network towers must be hacked.
The Fragment The Pyramidion Also found on the platforms where the network towers are hacked.
Osmium Traitor Savathun's Song Found in the Chasm of Screams area, right before the boss.
Bracus Rulaitl Inverted Spire Just before the big drill section, after jumping the chasm.
Episkeptis, The Uninvited Inverted Spire Before the big drill section, after jumping the chasm.
Golden Age Looter Exodus Crash Hiding in the dark aft section of the Exodus Black.
Krothion A Garden World In the area where the object is simply "Climb".
Taurg, Disguised by the Emperor Tree of Probabilities At the end of the Strike, as you fight your way to the laser rooms.
Kataskopos Tree of Probabilities Right at the end of the Strike, before enterining the main laser rooms.
Bracus Ghir Insight Terminus Look for him when you must pursue Kargen.
Devote of Nokris Strange Terrain Found along the main path of the Strike when you must "Follow the Ritual".
Supplicant of Xol Will of Thousands In the room where you must forge the enhanced Valkyrie.
Magnar, the Rockjaw Warden of Nothing Located in The Arena area, as you push through the Cabal.
Dolos, the Datamine The Corrupted In the Adytum area, on one of the floating platforms with columns.
Samaa, the Deserter Hollowed Lair Found in one of the outdoor areas on a split-bridge.
Son of In Ananh Broodhold In the area called Broodhold, along the main path.

For those still hunting the other escapees, we’ve got an ever-growing list of Spider’s Wanted targets. Use this resource to help you track down your bounties. We’ve even got a helpful guide on farming Ghost Fragments, if you’ve forgotten.

Tracking down all the Strike-specific Wanted Escapees is no small feat. Each of these is hiding out in a Strike and they all take a bit to defeat. But killing them all is just what us Guardians have to do if we want those Triumphs. For those looking to hunt down other collectibles, be sure to check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide.

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