Loba arrives to hunt Revenant in Apex Legends Season 5 - Fortune's Favor

The survivor of Revenant's Season 4 assassination is coming for him, and Loba means business in Season 5 of Apex Legends.


When Revenant assassinated a wealthy conman in his Apex Legends Season 4 reveal, he left a survivor. The thief’s daughter survived, grew up, and became a master thief, but she never forgot who took everything from her. Now Loba Andrade has tracked down her family’s killer and she’s ready to chase him all the way to the Ring in Apex Legends Season 5 – Fortune’s Favor.

Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment announced Apex Legends Season 5 - Fortune's Favor, as well as Loba, on the Apex Legends Twitter on April 30, 2020. Loba is a thief who chases after the most lavish of prizes, not to mention a survivor of an attack from Revenant’s Season 4 reveal which left her father, mother, and a restaurant full of guards dead. She may have grown up to enjoy the more posh things in life thanks to her crafty skills, but her eyes remain on the biggest prize: Revenant. You can watch her reveal and story in the trailer below.

Loba’s abilities have not been shown yet, but her status as a crafty thief may mean she’ll have some subversive tricks up her sleeves, whether it’s stealing from enemies or perhaps turning loot in her team’s favor and supplying them with only the best gear. Whatever the case, Loba is the newest Legend in Apex Legends Season 5 - Fortune's Favor, and we’ll be learning more about her when the Apex Legends YouTube Channel goes live on May 5, 2020, with the premiere of the Season 5 Launch trailer. No doubt, outside of Loba’s abilities, we can expect to see a new gun, a new battle pass, and plenty of other goods as the new season kicks off.

Are you ready to learn more about Revenant’s hunter? Be sure to stay tuned as we await further details on Loba and the rest of Apex Legneds Season 5 - Fortune's Favor.

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