Dive into the mystery of Revenant in Apex Legends Season 4 trailer

Who or what is Revenant? The new Apex Legends Season 4 trailer is here to provide answers... and some more questions.


Battle royale games are starting to get a little more creative when it comes to setting the backdrops for their seasons. The Apex Legends team, for example, has revealed that its Season 4, titled Assimilation, is being driven by a calculated murder and the killing machine behind it. On Thursday, the team revealed more backstory behind new character Revenant and what his arrival means for Apex Legends' story and for the game as a whole.

Revenant can be seen here killing dozens of people in cold blood, including his target Marcos Andrade and his wife. What's particularly interesting about this vignette is that Revenant is no mere machine. There is a human behind the wires, as it appears that Revenant was once a man who agreed to be assimilated into a cyborg. It's not seen exactly how this killer-for-hire came to be, but the Apex Legends roster is about to become very familiar with Revenant and his unique abilities, which look to include momentary intangibility and smoke bombs. While this video doesn't fully explain why Revenant murdered Jimmie "Forge" McCormick (who was previously thought to be the new Apex Legends character), one can reasonably assume that he did it for the money.

Season 4 is also set to introduce other new additions beyond Revenant. The new Sentinel bolt-action sniper rifle will also be made available, as will an all-new Battle Pass. Ranked Season 3 is also on its way, for the more competitive Apex Legends players.

Apex Legends Season 4 is set to begin on Monday, February 4, which coincidentally falls on the game's one-year anniversary.

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