Xbox Series X's new logo was recently revealed as a confirmed trademark

It looks like we have recently gotten our first look at what the logo and branding for the new Xbox Series X console will look like.


As we’ve been waiting for the next generation of consoles that are the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, details continue to become less foggy. We have a good idea of what’s running under the hood of both systems and even know what the Xbox Series X will look like, but there’s still plenty up in the air. That said, it appears that recently, a trademark was accepted for a new Xbox logo. If true, it would appear we can get used to seeing the following emblem for the new few years.

It was recently discovered on the Xbox Series X subreddit that Microsoft had filed for a trademark on a new logo, which was confirmed on April 20, 2020. The logo in question is undoubtedly related to the Xbox Series X and could be the official branding used going forward on the console (or series of consoles) once Microsoft decides to employ it. It’s not wild, but rather simply features the words “Series X” in a stylized fashion which you can see just below.

New Xbox Series X Logo Trademarked from Microsoft from r/XboxSeriesX

The reveal of this trademark follows PlayStation’s moves back at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020 in which Sony first revealed the official logo and branding for the PlayStation 5. Neither of the logos for the Xbox Series X or PS5 are outlandish, but it is interesting to see the mark that will be applied when it comes to both consoles for what is probably the better part of the next decade. At this time, both the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are slated to launch around the 2020 holiday season, though we know little more than that at this time. In fact, when it seemed Xbox let leak that the Series X might launch around Thanksgiving, Microsoft was quick to correct this. Meanwhile, Sony has allegedly stated that the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has made manufacturing of the PlayStation 5 difficult and will force the company to limit production of the PS5 in its first year.

Either way, it’s always interesting to see what news is coming out of this coming console generation when it comes. Get used to seeing that X Series emblem on most Microsoft gaming for the foreseeable future.

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