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PlayStation 5 logo revealed at Sony CES 2020 presentation

Sony has officially shown the logo for the PS5 at this year's CES.


While we don’t yet know what the PlayStation 5 looks like, we at least know what the logo looks like. This is thanks to Sony’s CES 2020 keynote, where Jim Ryan took to the stage to talk all about the achievements of Sony and the PS4 over its lifetime. But the big showstopper was the reveal of the PS5 logo.

Sony flaunts the new PS5 logo for the first time

playstation 5 logo
The PlayStation 5 logo has been revealed and it maintains the same style of the previous console generations. 

Surprising absolutely no one, that PS5 logo looks to continue the trend of having a number after the curvy letters P and S. This style kicked off with the PlayStation 3’s slim model, released in 2009. Since then, Sony has kept the smoother look, contrasting the hard angles of the PS2 logo.

What’s worth noting is that, in official branding, Sony seems to no longer write the full name of the PlayStation, instead sticking with the initialism. Again, this trend was adopted with the release of the PS3 slim version.

We did a quick mock-up of the evolution of the PlayStation logo. Aside from the original branding of the PlayStation 3, there’s been little deviation in the overall style of how these figures appear. Even the PlayStation 2 shorthand included an incomplete P and an extruded S.

playstation logo evolution

Outside of the logo and some technical aspects, Sony has yet to reveal what people want most: what the console looks like. People want to see the, presumably, black box that will be living in their TV cabinets for the next seven years. In terms of driving consumer excitement, a logo isn’t going to cut it.

For PlayStation enthusiasts, this is clearly disappointing. Outside of CES 2020, there’s no telling when we might get more information out of Sony. E3 2020 might be six months away, but Sony could very well decide to skip it this year too.

Be sure to jump into the Chatty thread below and let us know what you think of the Sony CES 2020 keynote. Is the reveal of the PS5 logo enough to keep your hype train moving? Remember to check out the Shacknews CES 2020 page for the latest announcements from this year’s show.

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