Persona 5 Royal is not confirmed for PC yet, says Sega

Though a couple games went up on French Amazon pages, Sega says that the listed Person 5 Royal for PC is not happening at this time.


It looks like Amazon France may have jumped the gun when it came to listing a couple of new titles for PC, including Persona 5 Royal. Though many would no doubt love to see the JRPG come to PC, Sega has clarified that a port of Persona 5 Royal is not in the cards just yet, debunking any speculation on the sudden listing for now.

It all started with folks including video game leak twitter Wario 64 noticing that Amazon France had listed product pages for Persona 5 Royal on PC, notable since Persona 5 Royal hasn’t been announced at all for PC just yet. Immediately after, several outlets including PC Gamer had reached out to Sega to ask about the listing. To this, Sega representatives said that the Persona 5 Royal PC listing on Amazon France was in error. The game is not slated for PC release at this time and Sega doesn’t have anything to reveal on the matter.

Wario 64 has since deleted this tweet which showed a Persona 5 Royal PC listing among other games on Amazon France.
Wario 64 has since deleted this tweet which showed a Persona 5 Royal PC listing among other games on Amazon France.

Persona 5 Royal wasn’t the only non-PC game to be listed unexpectedly for PC on Amazon France pages. Days Gone also showed up on the website, though with the debunking of the Persona 5 Royal listing, any validity behind a Days Gone launch on PC at this time is questionable at best. No doubt there are folks who wouldn’t mind giving either of these games, and especially Persona 5 a go on PC. Players and fans had been clamoring for the Persona 5 Royal special edition western release for some time and by many accounts, the base game is quite good without the extra content, character, and chapter.

Even so, it seems that we’ll be waiting a little while longer before any chance of the Phantom Thieves invading our PCs is a reality. Hopefully, Sega takes note of the interest around the subject and has a surprise for us in the coming future.

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