All weapon locations - Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Learn the locations of every weapon for every character in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.


While Final Fantasy 7 Remake does away with the traditional ideas of some weapons being the “best”, there are still a multitude of weapons you can find for each of the characters in the game. In fact, there are six weapons available for each character and we’ll break down the locations of each weapon in this guide.

SPOILER: This guide contains some spoilers for Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Read at your own discretion.

All weapon locations - Final Fantasy 7 Remake

all weapon locations - final fantasy 7 remake
There are six weapons per character in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

While it isn’t all that important to collect all of the weapons in Final Fantasy 7 Remake – as there isn’t really any overall “best” weapon – it is still nice to have some options for players, as you’ll want to select weapons that fit your overall playstyle for each character. As mentioned above, there are six total weapons hidden across the game’s 40+ hour long story, and we’ve detailed each one below. Some can be found early on, while others will be found much later in the campaign.

All weapon locations
Weapon Name Character Location
Buster Sword Cloud Starter weapon.
Iron Blade Cloud Given to Cloud while completing missions in Chapter 2. Can't be missed.
Nail Bat Cloud Reward for completing "Kids on Patrol" quest during Chapter 8.
Hardedge Cloud Can be purchased from the weaponsShop in Wall Market after reaching Chapter 9.
Mythril Saber Cloud Can be purchased from the weapon shop in Wall Market after starting Chapter 14.
Twin Stinger Cloud Found in a rare chest during Chapter 17. Hard to miss.
Leather Gloves Tifa Starter weapon.
Metal Knuckles Tifa Unlocked after beating a boss in Chapter 5. Can't be missed.
Sonic Strikers Tifa Found in a rare chest during Chapter 7. While exploring the corridors that connect the engineering labs together, look for the chest nearby.
Feathered Gloves Tifa Found during Chapter 10. Look for a chest in the sewers after you approach the very first gate that you can open. Crawl under it to find the chest.
Mythril Claws Tifa Reward for beating the boss in Chapter 13. Cannot be missed.
Purple Pain Tifa After you take control of Tifa in Chapter 16, look for this chest off to the side of the room from the topmost platform.
Gatling Gun Barret Starter weapon.
Light Machine Gun Barret Given to you after you complete Chapter 6. Can't be missed.
Big Bertha Barret Buy it from the weapon shop owner in the Sector 7 Slums during Chapter 13.
Steel Pinchers Barret Costs 7 Moogle Medals. Purchase it from Moggle at the Moogle Emporium in Chapter 14.
Wrecking Ball Barret A reward for completing the "Subterranean Menace" side quest during Chapter 14. Can be missed.
EKG Cannon Barret Reward for paying Hart for 10,000 Gil in Chapter 16.
Guard Stick Aerith Starter weapon.
Silver Staff Aerith Costs 2 Moogle Medals. Purchase from Moggle at the Moogle Emporium in Chapter 8.
Arcane Scepter Aerith Reward for completing "A Dynamite Body" or "Shears' Counterattack" side quest in Chapter 9 (you can only complete one or the other. Both reward you with the item).
Mythril Rod Aerith Found in a chest during Chapter 11. Near the start of the Train Graveyard area, move through the carriage instead of heading up the ladder. This chest can be found just beyond, in a small open area.
Bladed Staff Aerith Use the Steal materia to steal this from the boss at the end of Chapter 11.
Reinforced Staff Aerith Found within a chest in Chapter 17. The chest can be found inside of the room where Chapter 17 starts, making it hard to miss out on.

Now that you know how to get all weapons, head back over to our Final Fantasy 7 Remake guide for even more handy information.

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