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Rhythm Heaven's creator would love to bring the series to the Nintendo Switch

Wubba dubba dub, is that true? We certainly hope a Rhythm Heaven launch on the Nintendo Switch is possible.


Rhythm Heaven is excellent, and easily one of the highlights of various Nintendo console releases with its upbeat and quirky musical minigames. It’s been on the Nintendo DS, 3DS and Wii since the series launched, but as of yet, it has been absent on the newer Nintendo Switch system. Many would likely enjoy seeing the series come to the Nintendo Switch, and the musical composer of Rhythm Heaven is with you. He’d love to bring a Rhythm Heaven game to the Nintendo Switch console as well.

It was on April 7, 2020, that Rhythm Heaven composer and producer Mitsuo “Tsunku” Terada made his opinion on Rhythm Heaven crystal clear in response to a fan on Twitter asking for the franchise to be brought to the Nintendo Switch. Tsunku is absolutely into the idea of creating another game for the Nintendo Switch.

“I think so too,” Tsunku responded to a tweet asking for a Switch version of the Rhythm Heaven games. “Raise your voice together! A Switch is fun for everyone and everyone can enjoy it.”

The last time a Rhythm Heaven game launched was Rhythm Heaven Megamix on the Nintendo 3DS in 2016. The franchise has since been kept alive through cameos such as those of Karate Joe, the Chorus Kids, and the Wrestler and Reporter in the Super Smash Bros series. Even so, its appearance on pretty much every new Nintendo console for a while and its appearance in Super Smash Bros Ultimate (where coincidentally it has the most spirits on the spirit board without an actual represented character on the roster) makes its absence on the Nintendo Switch notable.

Certainly, there are plenty of other games that fans would also like to see on the Nintendo Switch (check out our list of most wanted Nintendo Switch 2020 titles for instance), but beyond the Metroids, F-Zeros, and Mario anniversary remasters, hopefully there might be a little time left to get back into the groove of Rhythm Heaven.

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