Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: Shadow of Doom trailer shows off Fantastic Four

The latest Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 expansion, Shadow of Doom, has launched and we got our first look at Doctor Doom and the newly playable Fantastic Four.


Marvel’s First Family is finally available to play in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order’s latest expansion, Shadow of Doom. Having been teased for a bit, we finally got a deeper look at the Fantastic Four in action as playable characters. We also got a look at the new schemes of Doctor Doom.

The latest Shadow of Doom DLC expansion trailer was dropped during the Nintendo Direct Mini on March 26, 2020. We learned more about Shadow of Doom back in February 2020, but this was our first major look at what the new expansion has in store. The entire Fantastic Four comes in this latest expansion, including The Human Torch, Invisible Woman, The Thing, and Mr. Fantastic. Of course, opposite of the legendary Marvel squad is Victor Von Doom himself with a new ploy. It looks like Doom has gotten his hands on an Infinity Stone and intends to use it to become a god. You can check out the trailer just below.

It’s very fitting and fun that Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 would have an expansion pass dedicated to Dr. Doom. He was, after all, the main villain of the first Marvel Ultimate Alliance game, and if you’re going to have Doom, you might as well have Reed Richards and the rest of the Fantastic Four as well. Mr. Fantastic and company are looking good as they stretch, fireblast, barrier, and smash their way through foes left and right in the new expansion. We can’t wait to see what kind of teams we can put together with them and the rest of the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 roster.

The Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: Shadow of Doom DLC expansion is available now either on its own or as part of the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order Expansion Pass.

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