Epic Games Store login and registration error

Some players may be experiencing login and registration errors on the Epic Games Store.


Epic Games Store is currently experiencing a login and registration error. Players who are looking to get in on some gaming today may encounter some resistance. This is certainly frustrating, especially if the error is happening around peak time. However, there is some good news: Epic is aware.

EGS login and registration error

The Epic Games Store is bound to have some server downtime, and even run into an error or two. One that might cause players some confusion is the login and registration error. This sneaky little bug doesn’t happen to all players, but if it happens to you, it’ll certainly dampen your mood! Thankfully, Epic Games is currently aware of the problem, tweeting out that the team will provide updates when the issue is resolved.

There’s not much players can do to fix the Epic Games Store login and registration error, as it sounds like it could be a backend problem. However, if you absolutely want to try something, it could be worth doing a system reboot of your computer or laptop, as well as your internet connection. Sometimes a login error could be due to a local problem.

Epic Games Store login and registration error
Login and registration problems can be a bit chaotic. There's not much players can do but wait for Epic Games to sort it out.

In times like these, it’s always worth thinking about your Epic Games Store security, especially when it comes to games like Fortnite. There’s a good chance you may have spent money on Fortnite, so activating 2FA – or two-factor authentication – is super important to protect your purchases. This adds another step to the login process: inputting a six-digit code generated from your phone.

With the Epic Games Store login and registration error on-going, there’s not much players can do but wait for Epic Games to state the error has been fixed. Until then, consider shoring up your defenses by activating 2FA on your accounts. You can also check out the Epic Games Store help page for more information.

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