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All Guardian Spirits - Nioh 2

Find all the Guardian Spirits you can unlock in Nioh 2 that change how you play the game.


There are a lot of Guardian Spirits to collect in Nioh 2. These spirits will change up how you interact with the combat in the game. Each one has its own subtleties, while also belonging to one of three types. The Guardian Spirit you choose to use for any given situation will vary depending on your playstyle and the challenge before you.

Guardian Spirits

There are a whole lot of Guardian Spirits in Nioh 2. At the start of the game, you must choose which Guardian Spirit to use. This is a tough question for beginners, as there’s a lot of information to absorb and very little context.

Aside from the Yokai Shift and Burst Counters, each Guardian Spirit has two slots where Soul Cores are attuned. These Soul Cores grant two abilities tied to the R2 and Triangle or Square. Much like choosing a Guardian Spirit, the Soul Cores you use will change depending on your playstyle. Find a combination that works for you!

Ame-no-Mitoir (Bird)

Nioh 2 Guardian Spirit Ame-no-Mitoir bird

Ame-no-Mitoir is one of the three starter Guardian Spirits in Nioh 2. This is a Feral type, meaning it features fast-hitting attacks and a Shadowstep move. This bird spirit is great for players that want a rapid build. The Burst Counter is a dash, making it a bit tricky to land.

Kagewani (Shark)

Nioh 2 Guardian Spirit Kagewani shark

The Kagewani is a shark Guardian Spirit, and another one of the starters. This Phantom type is all about ranged-attacks and spells. When in the Yokai Shift, it has a spear-throw ability and an ability that closest the gap. The Burst Counter is a shield that relies on being very close to the enemy. The shield only lasts for a few beats, so it must be activated at the last possible moment.

Makami (Dog)

Nioh 2 Guardian Spirit Makami dog

The last of the three starter Guardian Spirits is Makami, the dog Brute type. This one’s Yokai Shift is the easiest to use as it features a powerful hammer and strong attacks. The Burst Counter is a slashing attack that is fast, and has a slightly bigger window than the Kagewani.

Masaru (Monkey)

Nioh 2 Guardian Spirit Masaru monkey
After meeting Tokichiro, you will gain access to Masaru, his monkey Guardian Spirit!

Masaru is the monkey Guardian Spirit that is earned after meeting Tokichiro in the campaign. This is a Feral type, meaning it is fast and agile and has a short-range teleport dash for its Burst Counter.

No matter which Guardian Spirit to use, remember to visit a shrine and attune some Soul Cores. These will ensure you have more options when in combat and a way to quickly knock off chunks of the enemy’s Ki. Fight your way to the Shacknews Nioh 2 page for more handy yokai-slaying tips.

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