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All Soul Cores - Nioh 2

Learn more about collecting, attuning, and fusing Soul Cores, one of the many ways players can create the perfect build in Nioh 2.


Soul Cores are one of the many ways players can change their builds in Nioh 2. Each Soul Core you unlock can be attuned to your Guardian Spirit, offering a unique yokai ability. With the potential to insert two Soul Cores into each Guardian Spirit, the variety of builds is quite large. The first step though, is finding and collecting all Soul Cores in Nioh 2.

How to assign Soul Cores

Nioh 2 Attune Soul Cores
Attuning a Soul Core can be done at any shrine. This process allows you to assign an ability to a Guardian Spirit.

Collecting Soul Cores isn’t enough to gain the ability, you must also slot them into your Guardian Spirit. To do this, visit a shrine and select the Manage Soul Cores card. Select Attune Soul Core and choose the Soul Core ability you want to use. Select Attune Soul Core again, choose which Guardian Spirit to put it in and then which slot to place it.

You can attune two Soul Cores per Guardian Spirit and these can be changed at any time from the shrine. It’s worth noting that each Guardian Spirit has an attunement limit and each Soul Core has a cost. You can assign any Soul Core, provided the attunement limit is not exceeded.

Soul Cores

There are numerous Soul Cores to unlock in Nioh 2. Each one you collect can be found in the Item menu under the Soul Cores tab. Every Soul Core you acquire will have its own unique stats, even duplicate Soul Cores. For this reason, you should always consider using the Soul Fusion to increase your favorite Soul Core by using another as fuel. Below you’ll find an ever-growing list of Soul Cores in Nioh 2.

This guide is under construction.

Enki – Monkey Dance

Nioh 2 Soul Core Enki

The Enki ability is called Monkey Dance. This Soul Core ability throws a huge spear at the enemy. This will likely be the first Soul Core you unlock, as you must defeat the Enki blocking your path in the first mission. Be sure to immediately equip this one, as it makes it easier to acquire the next core.

Mezuki – Razing Edge

Nioh 2 Soul Core Mezuki

The Mezuki ability is Razing Edge. This move is a large sweeping attack with a huge cleaver. To unlock this move, you must defeat the first boss in Nioh 2, Mezuki.

Yoki – Fiendish Frenzy

Nioh 2 Soul Core Yoki

The Yoki Soul Core ability is Fiendish Frenzy. This move grabs your target and slams them into the ground.

Infernal Oni-bi – Fiery Reinforcement

Nioh 2 Soul Core Infernal Oni-bi

The Infernal Oni-bi ability is Fiery Reinforcement. This move casts out a fiery skull that deals elemental damage to the target.

Enenra – Fire Twister

Nioh 2 Soul Core Enenra

The Enenra ability is Fire Twister. Activating this move turns you into a tornado which can be controlled. To unlock this Soul Core, defeat Enenra.

Scampuss – Scampush

Nioh 2 Soul Core Scampuss

The Scampuss ability is Scampush. After activating this ability, you will turn into a spikey Scampuss ball and roll into the enemy. This Soul Core can be unlocked after encountering the Scampuss, a fat pussycat hidden in some missions.

There are a lot of Soul Cores to collect from the many yokai and monsters you encounter in Nioh 2. Each Soul Core has a special ability while also boasting unique stats. Finding the right Soul Cores for your Guardian Spirit is going to be critical in mastering the intense combat system. Take a look at the Shacknews Nioh 2 page for more helpful guides.

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