Kojima Productions is teasing an announcement that appears Silent Hill-related

It would appear Kojima Productions could be teasing a new announcement soon, and multiple clues have fans thinking it has something to do with Silent Hill.


One of the greatest tragedies of the end of Hideo Kojima’s relationship with Konami is that the Silent Hills game he was directing, for which the P.T. demo provided an incredible starting point, was canceled. Years later following the successful launch of Death Stranding, it would appear that Kojima Productions is gearing up for a new announcement, and hopeful fans have discovered clues that may point to it somehow being related to Silent Hill.

On February 28, 2020, Kojima Productions posted a tweet featuring Head of Communications Aki Saito. According to the tweet, Aki has been silent in preparation for news coming soon from the Kojima Productions studio. His use of the word “silent” in particular in regards to Kojima Productions news caught attention on its own, but it’s when folks took a closer look at the image that the tin foil hats came out. On Aki’s pencil, the word “PYRAMID” appears to be written (a possible refrence to the giant cleaver-wielding Pyramid Head - an iconic monster of the series), and his note pad clearly says “Next Week!” It could just be a weird coincidence, or an elaborate troll… Or it could be something else.

There's a lot going on in the Kojima Productions' tweet. The use of the word
There's a lot going on in the Kojima Productions' tweet. The use of the word "silent," the "PYRAMID" on the pencil... is it all an epic troll, or something more?

There’s no denying that many would like to see Kojima give the horror genre another try after his fallout with Konami. It seems doubtful that Konami would just let Kojima Productions handle the Silent Hill franchise given the contentious nature of their breakup in 2015. Even so, Kojima has mentioned previously that he would like to work on some sort of smaller, episodic game. The horror genre works in that format if Telltale’s Walking Dead series was any indication for years, but it will be interesting nonetheless to see what, if anything comes out of these latest Kojima Production teases.

Should we be hoping against all rationality that Kojima Productions gets their hands on Silent Hill again or do you want to see a new horror IP from Kojima and his team? Let us know in the Shacknews Chatty comment section below.

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From The Chatty
    • reply
      February 29, 2020 2:49 AM

      Oh hell this better pan out

    • reply
      February 29, 2020 3:00 AM

      This made my day!

      P.T. (Silent Hills) was the scariest video game I have ever played. My wife and her niece would watch me play it in a dark room and they would scream and have borderline panic attacks. Haha good times! RE7 on PSVR did this to them as well and is easily a #2. But for some reason P.T. just clicked with me, its my perfect horror game.

      Also atm I am a couple hours away from beating Death Stranding so I am just breathing the Kojima right now (smells great).

      Can't wait till next week.

      • reply
        February 29, 2020 4:14 AM

        I played PT on vr on PC, pretty rad

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