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Kings Canyon map returns to Apex Legends for this weekend only

Miss the old Kings Canyon map? Apex Legends is bringing it back, but not for very long.


Apex Legends has undergone a lot of changes since it released a year ago. There have been new characters, new weapons, various balance adjustments, and progression to the game's story. And of course, the very battlefield on which players combat each other has undergone some serious changes. Sometimes, nostalgia for the old-school Apex Legends sets in and there's a longing for the way things used to be. Well, those players are about to get a taste of the old Apex Legends, because Respawn is preparing to dust off the old Kings Canyon map.

On Thursday, Respawn announced that Kings Canyon, the version from Season 1, would make its return for a very limited time. In fact, it's so limited that it will only be available from Friday, February 21 through this Monday, February 24. This will be one of a few times Kings Canyon has been seen in any form since its removal back in Apex Legends Season 3.

Those who have been with Apex Legends from the very beginning know the history of Kings Canyon. It's a simplistic map filled with various military facilities, abandoned settlements, and a river dividing the map's center. It's also one that served as the primary introduction to the Apex Legends phenomenon back when it released one year ago. The map has since been replaced by World's Edge, but Respawn is bringing it back as a special treat for its player base this weekend.

Whether this will truly be the last anyone sees of Kings Canyon remains to be seen, but for now, prepare to revisit old ground once more when the classic map returns to all versions of Apex Legends tomorrow.

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