KUNAI is the latest to catch a review bomb from a disgruntled Metacritic troll

Metacritic User Ratings on KUNAI took a short plummet after a troll review bombed the game and several others just to try to make a point.


It seems Metacritic’s user review system is the center of some toxic attention in the last few days, and now indie title KUNAI has been caught in the fray. Review bombs aren’t isolated to the site by any means, but it has been at the center of some malicious recent attacks on several games. KUNAI developer TurtleBlaze recently went on record to say that they were a recent victim of such a malicious misuse of the Metacritic systems.

TurtleBlaze reporting the wrongdoing on Gamasutra via a community post on February 19, 2020. The indie dev claimed that their game, KUNAI, had suddenly taken a plummet in User score from an 8.1 to a 1.7 on Metacritic. What’s more, they discovered that there was someone taking full credit for the sudden drop. Indeed, the user seemed to have posted on reddit their entire rhetoric for the review bombing of both KUNAI and another game, Insurgency Sandstorm from New World Interactive. Though the post was deleted by the user, it was noticed by a few people and a screengrab of the review bomber’s post was allegedly taken before the delete.

KUNAI has shown itself to be rather stylish and cheeky in its metroidvania offerings. Metacritic trolls tried to knock it down, but it certainly deserves more love than hate.
KUNAI has shown itself to be rather stylish and cheeky in its metroidvania offerings. Metacritic trolls tried to knock it down, but it certainly deserves more love than hate.

What’s pretty vile about it is that the troll wasn't mad at KUNAI or even Insurgency Sandstorm, but rather was angry over a completely unrelated character in Pokemon, and just decided to review bomb KUNAI and Sandstorm Insurgency because they were “angry” and “high.” Though they try to legitimize it with claims of wanting to expose how weak and manipulable Metacritic's User Reviews can be, it boils down to the point that they were just mad and chose to try to attack several games in a place a lot of developers and publishers care about.

A similar review bombing took place at the expense of AI: The Somnium Files recently for the same reason that the user claimed to want to show flaws in Metacritic, but was really just more angry about a character in the game, though that matter and KUNAI’s have seemingly been resolved by Metacritic since the culprits went and outed themselves on public forums.

Unjustifiable toxicity or not, these trolls have shown a little something. Metacritic seems to be a little too loose in allowing trolls to manipulate User Review scores for games. It’s good that KUNAI and AI: The Somnium Files have seen action to restore their good names, but something more may need to be done sooner or later to keep these instances from occurring.

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    • reply
      February 20, 2020 8:41 AM

      Just pointing out the troll was not upset about a character in any game. He was upset because a fucking Pokemon cartoon episode he was watching didn't feature a character he was looking forward to.

      It had nothing to do with any game. Just some idiot child being an idiot.

      This is clear from the capture of his post you link in the article.

      • reply
        February 20, 2020 9:38 AM

        Correction made to the piece to reflect this.

        Agreed. It's sick sad reasoning to make indie devs panic.

    • reply
      February 20, 2020 9:45 AM

      Wow that person is a total sociopathic loser dipshit. That’s the kinda fuckhead that goes on a shooting spree because McDonalds ran out of ice cream.

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