Yacht Club Games Presents for Cyber Shadow & Shovel Knight coming next week

Yacht Club Games Presents wants to bring its Cyber Shadow and Shovel Knight news direct to you with a presentation set to air next week.


Nintendo seems to take everyone's thunder whenever it announces a Direct of any sort. They'll definitely have everybody's attention with the upcoming Animal Crossing Direct. However, it won't be the only direct presentation to air this month. Shovel Knight creators Yacht Club Games have been a big fan of Nintendo for a long time, which is part of the reason that it borrowed the Direct concept for their own line of games. And now there's a second Yacht Club Games Presents presentation lined up.

Yacht Club Games Presents is set to air next Wednesday, February 26 at 9AM PT. According to the Yacht Club Games website, the presentation will touch on Cyber Shadow and Shovel Knight, while also promising some unseen-to-this-point surprises. While Shovel Knight recently wrapped up his first saga with Shovel Knight Showdown and Shovel Knight: King of Cards, Yacht Club is currently working on a Shovel Knight spin-off called Shovel Knight Dig with developer Nitrome. Dig takes Shovel Knight into a whole new story where he uses his trusty shovel to burrow through the ground and recover his treasure, stolen by the villainous Drill Knight. We got to try this game out at PAX West and we even have a video for you, which you can check out below.

Meanwhile, Cyber Shadow is a 2D tribute to old-school classics like Ninja Gaiden and Strider. This game has been in the works for some time, first revealed just prior to last year's PAX East. This game currently does not have a release date attached, but we did get to try it out for ourselves, so check out the video below.

Stay tuned, as we learn more about Yacht Club Games' forthcoming lineup together. The presentation will air next week and Shacknews will be around to round up the major announcements as they're revealed. Both Cyber Shadow and Shovel Knight Dig are currently coming soon.

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