Yacht Club Games new Shovel Knight Dig game announced

The newest entry in the Shovel Knight series looks like something fans might really dig.


Yacht Club Games has announced the newest entry in the Shovel Knight series: Shovel Knight Dig.

During its special presentation today, Yacht Club Games gave us a little additional info on what to expect from Shovel Knight Dig, which is a collaborative development project between Nitrome and Yacht Club Games themselves. It's been in development for over a year, and it looks like it will have been well worth the wait. But hey, anything for more Shovel Knight, right?

The new story follows Drill Knight and his digging crew as they blast apart Shovel Knight's campsite and pilfer his belongings. Shovel Knight don't play that, so he grabs his Shovel Blade and doe what he does best: digs down to tunnel after them. That's where the adventure kicks off. This all-new Shovel Knight adventure follows Shovel Knight as he's seen in glorious color, with the "most convincing Shovel Knight world yet."

Each level is procedurally generated, with "proprietary" generation techniques to ensure infinite replayability. Except there's one huge thing that's different now. Instead of side-scrolling platforming, you're digging straight down, which you'll use your Shovel Drop attack to accomplish, then dig through tons of dirt with new Speed Shovel mechanics.

New Knights, characters, and enemies will be included as you collect treasures and riches to further alter Shovel Knight's appearance and equipment, but the game will still feature the fun storytelling and humor you know the series for.

The game will be playable at PAX West this weekend with a new demo to try out, so if you're attending, be sure to head over and give it a try.

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