Pokemon Masters event introduces playable Professor Oak & Mew

It's not everyday that Professor Oak personally steps onto the battlefield, which makes this Pokemon Masters event a bit of a special occasion.


To this point in the Pokemon franchise, Professor Oak stepping forward and personally taking up a Pokemon battle has been a rare and special occasion. It's never happened in the games and if it's ever happened in the anime, then fans knew the you-know-what was about to hit the fan. Now The Pokemon Company and developer DeNA are bringing out the Pokemon Prof for a very special event for their mobile battler, Pokemon Masters.

Professor Oak is the latest trainer to join the growing roster of Pokemon Trainers and such a special addition to the cast deserves an equally special Pokemon. So he has the fabled Mew, the mythical Pokemon #151, as his partner. Those looking to pick up Oak and Mew won't have to worry about going through anything particularly rigorous to earn them. If you've completed the Pokemon Masters tutorial before March 15 at 10:59PM PT, then they're both yours to keep!

Those who have completed Chapter 2 of the Pokemon Masters Main Story will have a little bit more to do with Oak and Mew. At that point, the Professor Oak & Mew Special Missions will open up and remain available through that aforementioned March 15, 10:59PM PT date. Players can also check out Professor Oak's Sync Pair Story, which will go deeper into his connection with Mew and explore his backstory with characters like Red, Blue, Agatha, and the Pokemon Red & Blue starter Pokemon.

A few weeks ago, we mentioned that Pokemon Masters was celebrating 20 million users and planning to introduce Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire Champion Steven and his Metagross. That time looks to have arrived, so for those who have completed Chapter 1 of the main story, the story event "The Strongest There Is" will open up. Steven is incredibly strong, as is Metagross, who brings along the ability to transform into his Mega Evolution, Mega Metagross, after performing a sync move.

This news might have more than a few people logging into Pokemon Masters and those folks will have some free Gems waiting for them. Anyone who logs in between now and February 27 at 9:59PM PT can pick up 3,000 free Gems and also get to check out a newly-renovated Pokemon Center. Pokemon Masters is available now on iOS and Android.

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