Pokemon Masters celebrates 20M users with Zinnia & Rayquaza

Pokemon Masters has reached 20 million users and is ready to celebrate with a pair of events, including one that introduces Legendary Dragon and Flying-type Pokemon Rayquaza.


Pokemon Masters continues to do battle on mobile devices and the clashes are only going to intensify in the year ahead. One of the game's first major events is set to begin, as DeNA and The Pokemon Company look to celebrate hitting the 20 million user milestone. With that said, here comes the Legendary Dragon-type Pokemon, Rayquaza.

Trainer Zinnia brings along the Dragon and Flying-Type Rayquaza in a new event called The Dragon That Rules The Sky. This event will see players meet Zinnia, fresh out of the Hoenn region, along with Alola's own Professor Kukui and his Pokemon, Lycanroc. Earn enough in-game rewards and you'll be able to add Zinnia and Rayquaza to your own teams.

The Professor and Lycanroc will also be featured in a separate event called Kukui Spotlight Scout. This event will also feature Lycanroc's Midnight Form, which is paired with trainer Olivia. Both events will run from now through February 13 at 9:59PM PT.

That's not all players can look forward to. Leaf & Eevee will debut as a Normal and Steel-type sync pair from now through February 5 at 9:59PM PT. And in the future, players can look forward to meeting Steven, the Hoenn Pokemon Champion from Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, and his Metagross. More details on the latter event are coming soon.

Hitting 20 million users isn't easy for any game and given that developer DeNA recently issued an apology over the game's quality, they're likely happy to reach this milestone. So to celebrate, anyone who logs into Pokemon Masters is set to receive 1,500 free Gems. This free offer will run from now through March 15 at 9:59PM PT. That's on top of the free Gems that players can earn while logging into the game during The Dragon That Rules The Sky, which can be earned each day.

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