How to save your game - Stoneshard

Saving your game in Stoneshard is incredibly easy, but it's not something that's explicitly taught in the tutorial.


Stoneshard is a brutally challenging game, so being able to save you progress is critical to not losing a whole lot of time. Saving your game is an expectation in video games these days, so when it’s not exactly clear how it’s to be done, players can tend to run into some problems. Thankfully, despite it not being obvious in the tutorial, there is in fact a way to save in Stoneshard.

How to save your game

Let’s get one thing clear at the beginning: there’s no way to save your game in the tutorial of Stoneshard. However, there are a few checkpoints throughout the journey out of the abbey. There’s a checkpoint right before the fight against the Ascended Archon and even one before you explore the rest of the abbey’s hallways.

stoneshard how to save
You can begin saving your game once you reach adventure mode, which is right after the tutorial.

When it comes to manually saving in Stoneshard, the only way to do this is in adventure mode. In adventure mode, you can save your game by sleeping in a bed. You can find a bed in a tavern, but be warned, you can’t just rock up and sleep in any bed, you must rent a room!

You don’t need to sleep for a full night, a mere hour will do the trick. This short sleep is enough to save the game while ensuring you don’t lose too much time or amass too much hunger and thirst.

When you start Stoneshard (after you select what class to play) you can approach the barkeep and rent a room. The more nights you choose to stay, the cheaper it will be in the long-run. You start with 350 gold, which is enough for two weeks, leaving you enough to buy some supplies if you need.

stoneshard get a bed save the game
You'll need a bed if you want to save your game in Stoneshard. Thankfully there's one available in the tavern you find yourself in at the start of your adventure.

Once you have the room, you’re safe to use it as a place to dump any non-critical loot or items you might need for later. Make sure to return whenever you need to save. A good idea is to do this before heading out on a big journey or before tackling a challenging fight.

When playing in the standard mode, you will respawn at your last save point if your character dies. For those playing the permadeath mode, there’s almost no reason to save (unless you make a bad purchase) as dying erases your saves.

It’s also worth noting that there appears to be only a single save file. If you start a new game, it will overwrite your old save, so click carefully!

Now that you’ve got the handle of manually saving your game in Stoneshard, you can feel more comfortable exploring and taking some risks. Take a moment to wander over to the Stoneshard page for a few more helpful adventuring tomes!

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