Temtem has banned over 900 cheaters & developer Crema isn't letting up

After running its first wave of bans for cheating in Temtem, Crema has reaffirmed its stance that cheaters have no place in the game.


Whenever you have a game with a persistent online community, there will always be those who attempt to manipulate the rules to get ahead. Pokemon-like MMO Temtem isn’t an exception. Players have worked out different exploits in the game as developer Crema attempts to seal the cracks up in the early going. It might not be worth it if you want to continue playing though. Crema has issued over 900 permanent account bans and intends to stay vigilant against cheaters and blatant exploit users throughout the game.

While pushing a recent hotfix through, Temtem’s developers took the opportunity to remind players that abusing exploits, using various illegal bots or macros, or cheating or hacking the game in any way would result in a ban. The dev followed up on February 3, 2020 with an announcement that over 900 accounts had been shoved out the door with permanent bans as a result of breaking the above rules. Moreover, Crema has stated that they will continue to stay vigilant and ban players that intentionally use exploits or cheats in the game.

Temtem has been quite a refreshing distraction, proving itself to be quite a bit more than a Pokemon clone since its colorful launch. The game continues to provide players with an interesting monster catching MMO experience, so it’s good to see that Crema is fully dedicated to rooting out the folks that would try to spoil the fun. The game is in Early Access on Steam, and as such, bugs should probably be expected, but Crema certainly goes out of its way to point out that you won’t get hit with the ban hammer just for bumping into an exploit so much as intentionally abusing it.

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