How to get into the Disintegration beta

Experience an early look at Disintegration with the upcoming closed and open betas.


Disintegration, a new sci-fi game from the creative director of the original Halo, is having its first closed beta and open beta this month. Players are invited to sign up for and download the Disintegration beta to help put the game through its paces ahead of release.

Disintegration closed and open beta details

Applications for the Disintegration beta are now open. There are currently two types of betas taking place, a closed beta and open beta. As you might assume, the closed beta will only be available to a select few while the open beta will be available to all those that sign-up.

To sign-up for the Disintegration beta, head on over to the Disintegration site and input your details into the form. Players will have the opportunity to select which platform they wish to play on: Steam, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Disintegration closed beta times:

  • Tuesday, January 28th, 8AM PT to 11:59PM PT
  • Wednesday, January 29th, 8AM PT to 11:59PM PT

Disintegration open beta times:

  • January 31st to February 1st
disintegration closed beta and open beta sign up details
The Disintegration betas will provide players their first hands-on look at the game from the minds that brought us Halo and SOCOM.

Disintegration will also include two game modes in the betas: Control and Retrieval. Control has players capturing areas to amass points – a mode included in many self-respecting multiplayer games these days. The other, Retrieval, has one team trying to deliver cargo while the other defends. This sounds more like classic Assault from Halo.

Speaking of Halo, Disintegration is the brainchild of Marcus Lehto and Mike Gutmann. Lehto is known for his role in the creation of Halo: Combat Evolved while Gutmann was the director of the SOCOM series. These two series have clearly inspired Disintegration, which fuses the sci-fi shooter elements of Halo with SOCOM’s tactics.

While we haven’t heard too much about Disintegration, it’s certainly looking like a unique take on the sci-fi shooter experience. With the closed beta kicking off soon, and the open beta coming shortly after, we’re about to know a lot more about Disintegration. Scoot on over to the Shacknews Disintegration page for more, on-going coverage.

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