Teracube Interview - Affordability & sustainability in smartphone design

We talked to the folks behind Teracube: A smartphone built specifically around affordable and sustainable practices with an industry-first 4 year premium warranty.


Smartphones have continued to get fancier and far more technologically capable as time goes on, but their cost has also exponentially increased and the environmental impact of various short-term investment models within the leading brands leaves a lot to be desired as they put out new phone after new phone each year. That’s a standard that Teracube is trying to combat with their smartphone design. We caught up to Teracube Founder and CEO Sharad Mittal to talk about what sets the Teracube apart in the current smartphone landscape.

The Teracube began as a Kickstarter which was launched back in September 2019. The primary priority of the Teracube smartphone is to offer users an affordable and sustainable option in smartphones, built for the long haul with an industry-first 4-year premium warranty that will cover accidents, repairs, replacements, and more at extremely affordable flat rate costs, and all while sacrificing little in the way of performance and consumer needs from a mobile device. Check out the video below to hear from Mittal about what the Teracube offers and how.

One thing that stands out about the Teracube is how much is covered when it comes to repair on accidents. When it comes to many other companies in the mobile device market, a warranty is a often a hefty cost on top of an already high price point, and then there’s trouble with what’s covered under the warranty and reliable access to repair or replacement services, especially in countries outside the US. To this, Teracube answers by building their warranty into the cost of the phone with flat, no-hassle rates for accessing warranty services.

The Teracube currently runs an Android OS and can be purchased with free shipping and handling for $249. It is an unlocked phone and will work on AT&T, T-Mobile, Metro PCS, and more (Sprint and Verizon not included), and you can learn more about the phone or order it on the Teracube website.

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