NETGEAR reveals new Nighthawk Mesh WiFi System in push towards WiFi 6

As NETGEAR aims to transition consumers towards WiFi 6 systems, they've launched the Nighthawk Mesh WiFi System to help lead the way.


As new innovations in online gaming and streaming technology demand more and more bandwidth, NETGEAR is innovating in wireless connection with newer WiFi 6 systems. And as the demand for super-fast connections on multiple platforms at once grows, so too does NETGEAR’s priority to handle all of it with the best technology available in the field. They’ve just announced the new line of Nighthawk Mesh WiFi systems with focus on transitioning to WiFi 6.

NETGEAR announced the new Nighthawk Mesh WiFi system line on January 6, 2020 in a press release from CES 2020. The MK62 line features both a system router and satellite to help boost WiFi 6 coverage throughout a user’s entire household. If further coverage is needed to clear dead zones, the Mesh system is easily supported via the addition of further satellites or extenders. The new Nighthawk Mesh WiFi line is built to deliver connections on up to 25 devices at once, promising a combined speed of up to 1.8 gigabytes-per-second on the system.

The router and satellite package is expected to launch at a retail price of $229.99 and will be available sometime in Q1 2020. Packages with the router and two satellites, as well as singular router or further singular satellites will also be available later. The Nighthawk Mesh WiFi 6 systems come equipped with various features such as Dynamic QoS, which allows users to dedicate bandwidth priority to video streaming or gaming traffic. These and other planned features are built to supply users with a highly customizable experience to fit their needs as NETGEAR continues to pioneer the use and adaptation of WiFi 6 systems throughout 2020 and beyond.

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