How to claim Outlaw Pass No. 2 rewards in Red Dead Online

Learn how to claim all of the different rewards available to you when you purchase Red Dead Online's Outlaw Pass No. 2.


Those who picked up the Outlaw Pass No. 2 after its launch in Red Dead Online today will be pleased to know that quite a few goodies await them as they level up. Unfortunately, though, getting your rewards for leveling up the Outlaw Pass isn’t as simple as just reaching that level. In this guide we’ll break down everything you need to know to claim your Outlaw Pass No. 2 rewards in Red Dead Online, which might be a bit confusing for some players out there.

How to claim Outlaw Pass No. 2 rewards in Red Dead Online

Among the rewards of the latest Outlaw Pass, players will find various types of goods. These range from things like coupons off new stable slots to straight Gold Bars. While many items like clothes and Treasure Maps will be redeemed automatically to your Wardrobe or your Post Office Box, things like coupons and Gold Bars will need to be redeemed manually.

To claim your Outlaw Pass No. 2 rewards, you’re going to need to launch into the pause menu from Red Dead Online. This can be done by pressing Options on the PS4, the Menu button on the Xbox One, or by pressing the ESC key on mouse and keyboard.

Red Dead Online - how to claim Outlaw Pass No. 2 rewards
Select the Offers and Rewards option from the Benefits tab in the pause menu to claim your rewards.

Next you’re going to need to select the Benefits option which appears near the top of this menu list. This will load you into a new window which will showcase your current Outlaw Pass, as well as any rewards that you need to claim.

Select the middle section of the window to bring up the full list of all your rewards. Here you can select the reward that you want to claim and then claim it by holding down the appropriate button. For many of the coupons that you can acquire throughout the Outlaw Pass, you’ll simply redeem them whenever you interact with whatever mechanic they are attached to.

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