Disco Elysium walked away with the most awards at The Game Awards 2019

A lot of games got due validation, some got none, but it was Disco Elysium that walked out of the Game Awards 2019 with the lion's share.


It’s always wild to see which games people gravitate towards the most, and which ones garner the praise during Game of the Year recognition. The Game Awards 2019 saw a number of surprises last night. There were a lot of great titles in contention for all of the prizes. That said, Disco Elysium might not have won Game of the Year, but it still took the most awards of any game at the event.

The Game Awards 2019 took place on December 12, 2019, in which a host of games and people were recognized and celebrated, alongside a number of new game trailers and announcements. It was a wild night that saw many surprises, not the least of which was Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice taking Game of the Year over Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and the Resident Evil 2 remake to name a few high-caliber contenders. However, one that might have flown under the radar of many was Disco Elysium, which racked up four awards by the time the Game Awards 2019 had ended.

Disco Elysium uses a very intricate system of personality quirks to determine who you are and what you'll do in any given situation, making for a wildly branching story.
Disco Elysium uses a very intricate system of personality quirks to determine who you are and what you'll do in any given situation, making for a wildly branching story.

Disco Elysium and its developer Za/Um pulled awards for Best Independent Game, Fresh Game Indie Studio, Best Narrative, and Best RPG, giving them four Game Awards trophies by the time the night was done. Death Stranding came closest with three awards for Best Game Direction, Best Soundtrack, and Best Performance by Mads Mikkelsen and League of Legends ran behind that with two awards in Best Esports Game and Best Esports Event with Worlds 2019. Disco Elysium’s accolades weren’t without merit. The game is stellar with an amazing branching story, beautiful art, and caustic sense of humor. We absolutely loved it in our Shacknews review, so it’s great to see it get its well-earned recognition.

An absolute shocker is that the Resident Evil 2 remake pulled zero love last night. Despite being rebuilt from the ground up as a masterpiece of atmospheric horror game design, RE2make got absolutely snubbed in Best Audio Design (which went to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare), and likely narrowly missed out on Game of the Year against Sekiro. Shacknews thought it was Resident Evil at its finest and we certainly weren't alone.

Nonetheless, it was a grand night for a lot of good games. Disco Elysium is deserving of the praise and despite what we may think of other choices, it’s a grand sight to see such an excellent indie break away with the motherlode of recognition.

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    December 13, 2019 11:15 AM

    TJ Denzer posted a new article, Disco Elysium walked away with the most awards at The Game Awards 2019

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      December 13, 2019 11:46 AM

      I couldn't put this game down when I started it. Haven't played a game like that since Witcher 3. It really was deserving of all the love.

      I also think what hurt re2 the most was that its a remake. I wouldn't be surprised to see the same thing happen to ff7 remake next year.

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      December 13, 2019 12:53 PM

      This is awesome. That game deserves all of the praise being heaped on it.

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      December 13, 2019 1:08 PM

      I bumped into the team at like 1am on the way back to my car, congratulated them, etc. They were really cool and we ended up talking about the UK election for 20 minutes. I apologized partway through for talking about politics and they were like "No, this is great, this is the first normal conversation we've had all week!".

      Partway through someone jumped in really quick to tell them that their work with the story and narrative was amazing, groundbreaking, etc. He was harrrrrrrdcore fanboying. They said thank you and then asked about him. The guy was the narrative director for CoD Modern Warfare. I love stuff like that, was really cool

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        December 13, 2019 1:40 PM

        It’s cool you were there! We’re you working the event or an attendee?

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        December 13, 2019 2:00 PM

        That's awesome. Did you defend the political center by any chance?

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          December 13, 2019 2:38 PM

          lol no

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            December 13, 2019 2:42 PM

            My input was that I believed that Labour's loss would be used in the US as a weapon against candidates like Sanders and Warren.

            One of them responded "oh no I hadn't even thought of that now I feel sick".

            Just doing my part! :D

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