Sandaconda & Centiskorch get Gigantamax forms in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield each got additions to their Gigantamax roster with the new forms of Sandaconda and Centiskorch.


When it comes to Pokemon Sword and Shield, the Gigantamax forms that bring specialized Dynamax forms of Pokemon to the game are easily the most interesting thing, and as long as the game keeps getting updates, that will likely continue to be the case. A recent update brought two new Gigantamax Pokemon to the game. Sandaconda and Centiskorch are the latest to join the list of Gigantamax-capable ‘mons.

The Gigantamax forms of Centiskorch and Sandaconda were announced on December 12, 2019 via the Nintendo of America Twitter. Joining the overall roster of Gigantamax Pokemon, Centiskorch comes in extremely elongated and fiery form while Sandaconda becomes a swirling tornado of snake and sand. Both are now available and can be encountered in Max Raid Battles if you’re lucky enough.

Both Sandaconda and Centiskorch's G-Max forms feature all new visuals, complete with fresh new G-Max moves.
Both Sandaconda and Centiskorch's G-Max forms feature all new visuals, complete with fresh new G-Max moves.

In celebration of the new Gigantamax Centiskorch and Sandaconda forms, Pokemon Sword and Shield will have a special event in which these two Pokemon will be easier to encounter in their Gigantamax forms for a limited time. For Sword players, Gigantamax Sandaconda will be the easier catch. For Shield players, it will be Gigantamax Centiskorch that is easier to track down. It would seem that this special event will be available up until January 9, 2020, so be sure to cooperate across titles if you want a leg up on finding both forms.

In our opinion, this is the most appropriate direction to go with Pokemon Sword and Shield. The Gigantamax forms of Pokemon have introduced a ton of fun ideas on variants of Pokemon, such as the Gigantamax Snorlax which had a little meadow on his belly. It makes all kinds of sense that Pokemon would lean hard into their Gigantamax creations and even create events around them when it comes to new content updates for the game. With new Gigantamax forms having come out just about every month or two, hopefully Nintendo and The Pokemon Company can keep up the pace to keep the good times rolling.

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