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Interview: Star Renegades looks to modernize the JRPG experience

From the creative minds of Halcyon 6, Star Renegades fuses together rogue-like elements with the JRPG genre.


Star Renegades is a unique beast of a game. It manages to capture the feel of a JRPG experience, and boil it down into its pure essence. Not only that, but the developers at Massive Damage, Inc have also twisted in a good dash of rogue-like, creating a fusion of the two genres. We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Ken Seto about Star Renegades and how the team was bringing their game to life.

Star Renegades – Developer Update Interview

Currently in development by Massive Damage, Star Renegades looks to “distil and modernize the JRPG experience.” In typical JRPGs, players input their attacks and moves, trading turns with their opponents. Star Renegades boils this down, and throws in the aforementioned rogue-like elements.

The mention of rogue-like might be cause for concern for some gamers, but Seto comments that it’s not super punishing. The game takes place over generations, so the upgrades to the robo base and what unlocks you acquire will carry over.

Seto also stated that each “run” is about an hour to three hours, providing players with a short and punchy experience. It sounds similar to the setup of Into the Breach, where each engagement is only short, but experience carries over to new attempts.

What’s really unique about Star Renegades is the art style. The entire game is pixel art, even each characters’ attacks and moves. What’s more, all of this pixel animation is entirely hand-drawn. There’s a real attention to detail evident.

In terms of exploration, the overworld is where most of the exploring takes place. This is where players can find missions and quests, which will no doubt help tell the story of the rebellion, while also providing valuable experience and upgrades.

Star Renegades is set to release in August of 2020. For more information, you can check out the Star Renegades Steam page! Be sure to keep it locked to the Shacknews and GamerHubTV YouTube channel for more interviews and developer exclusives!

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