The AK47 is crashing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, patch on the way

Recent updates to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare have caused some extreme issues regarding the beloved AK47 rifle, but Infinity Ward has promised a fix is coming.


The AK47 is perhaps one of the most beloved weapons in the Call of Duty franchise, having been a strong part of the line-up for a good long time (especially as a rifle that has historically survived the test of time through COD’s era-jumping sequels). The weapon isn’t the most accurate, but it hits like a brick and handles well in a practiced player’s clutches. Unfortunately, the weapon is causing a major problem following Call of Duty’s latest major update. Fortunately, Infinity Ward claims a fix is coming.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare recently received a major patch bringing in Season 1 and a Battle Pass full of progression towards new weapons, operators, and other goodies to go along with it. Unfortunately, following the launch of the pass, it wasn’t long before players started noticing that something was crashing the game. That something turned out to be the AK47 rifle. It got an adjustment in recoil to kick a bit harder, but apparently it came with a glitch that causes player games to crash. Senior Communications Manager Ashton Williams acknowledged the issue on behalf of Infinity Ward and promised a fix is on the way.

With new content comes new issues, and it’s unfortunate that the latest patch brought such a drastic one. It’s good to know that a patch is on the way to fix the issue, but Infinity Ward did not communicate when the patch with the fix would be in. It could be a hotfix if it was enough of a problem, but if not, we could be waiting a bit. Hopefully we’ll hear more on the matter sooner than later.

Either way, Season 1 came with a host of other additions to the game for free, including the classic Call of Duty map, Crash. We at Shacknews can’t help but notice the irony. We'll have more on Call of Duty updates and fixes as information becomes available.

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