DayZ Livonia DLC brings new map, chance to be mauled by bears

Players still surviving on Chernarus will have a new map and features to look forward to in the newly released DLC for DayZ.


The original DayZ mod for Arma 2 took the PC gaming world by storm back in the early days of 2012. The emergent gameplay and ratcheting tension help create an entire genre of games and eventually paved the way for the current glut of battle royale games. Following the eventual release of the standalone version of DayZ last holiday season, developers Bohemia Interactive have prepared a new DLC package for players dubbed DayZ Livonia. 

This DLC pack includes an entirely new map that is 165 square meters of space, slightly smaller than the original Chernarus map. As if the original map wasn’t dangerous enough, Livonia aims to mix up the formula by adding man-eating bears to the wilderness. While you are out trying to gather berries or find a warm pair of shoes to get you through the cold night, you’ll now have to be constantly looking over your shoulder, wondering if Gentle Ben is stalking you from the treelines.

Much like the original Cheranurs map, Livonia is based on the Eastern European countryside. Players can expect a mix of dense forests, large fields, a variety of waterways, and the occasional swamp. A few small gatherings of buildings dot the landscape, offering the chance at loot and shelter, as well as increased chances of running into enemy players.

The DayZ Livonia DLC is available now for owners of the original game. You can find the update on the game’s official Steam page and it will set you back $13.99. Folks who don’t yet own DayZ also have the opportunity to purchase a combo pack that includes the base game and Livonia DLC for $49.99.

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