Where to find Ditto in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Learn how to find every breeder's favorite Pokemon, Ditto, in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield,


If you’ve played any amount of Pokemon games since breeding was introduced, then you’re probably already well aware of the importance that Ditto plays in the breeding process. Unfortunately, getting your hands on this iconic Pokemon can be a bit difficult in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. To help out, we’ve put together this handy guide on where to find Ditto in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Where to find Ditto

Finding and catching a Ditto in Pokemon Sword or Shield is going to take quite a bit of patience and luck. As it stands, this iconic Pokemon can only be caught in one area of the map, the Lake of Outrage zone of the Wild Area just south of Hammerlocke. You’ll need to have gained access to the bike and obtained the Rotom upgrade, which allows you to ride your bike on water.

Ditto location - Pokemon Sword and Shield
Head to the Lake of Outrage area after you get the Rotom 

Once you’ve unlocked those upgrades, head to the Wild Area and make your way up to the Lake of Outrage zone. Use the bike to travel across the water and then start your hunt for a Ditto. Unfortunately, the chances of running into this Pokemon are slim, which means you’re possibly going to be running around and hunting it for a while, so bring plenty of patience along with you. At the moment, Ditto only has around a 10% chance to spawn visible in the grass, with an even lower 2% chance to spawn as a random encounter, and only in normal weather.

Ditto isn’t the only Pokemon you’ll want to grab, though. Check out our guides on how to get Gigantamax Eevee and Gigantamax Pikachu to add more great Pokemon.

Sadly, we can’t really offer any foolproof way to farm for Ditto in Pokemon Sword and Shield because there just isn’t one right now. We will, however, keep an eye out for any better methods that might arise down the road, so make sure to check back in on this article in the future. For now, get out there and start hunting for your Ditto.

Now that you know where to find Ditto, head back over to our Pokemon Sword and Shield page for even more handy guides.

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