Disco Elysium voice actors and cast

A complete list of all the voice actors in Disco Elysium and the many characters they portray.


Disco Elysium has some truly incredible voice acting. The team at ZA/UM Studio has brought together a diverse collection of voice actors and cast in order to bring to life more than 60 characters and identities.

Disco Elysium voice actors and cast

disco elysium voice actors
There are dozens of characters in Disco Elysium, each voiced by an incredibly talented voice actor.

The list below includes every voice actor in Disco Elysium and the characters and identities they portray. This is based on the in-game credit sequence, which can be seen after completing the game. For those still playing – or those looking to pick it up – you can check out our guide on how long it takes to beat Disco Elysium so you know what type of game time you’re looking at.

  • Mikee W Goodman
    • Ancient Reptilian Brain
    • Limbic System
    • Spinal Cord
    • Bird’s Nest Roy
    • The Deserter
    • Ruud Hoenkloeven
    • Idiot Doom Spiral
    • Don’t Call Abigail
  • Tegen Hitchens
    • Joyce Messier
    • Working Class Woman
    • De Paule
    • Netpicker
    • The Pigs
  • Tariq Khan
    • Evrart Claire
    • Tomas the Sponsor
    • Egg Head
    • Andre
  • Anneka Warburton
    • Dolores Dei
    • Judit Minot
    • Cunoesse
    • Trailer Narrator
  • Dot Major
    • Cuno
    • Jean Vicquemare
  • Mark Holcomb
    • Tommy Le Homme
    • Call Me Manana
  • Jonny Hage
    • Easy Leo
    • Tiago
  • Ev Ryan
    • Lena, the Cryptozoologist’s Wife
    • Cleaning Lady
  • Will Menaker
    • Siileng
    • Fuck the World
  • Felix Biederman
    • Scab Leader/Kortenaer
    • Rosemary
  • Yoana Nikolova
    • Dicemaker
    • Measurehead’s Babe
  • Jullian Champenois – Kim Kitsuragi
  • Dasha Nekrasova – Klaasje
  • Dizzy Dros – Measurehead
  • Adam Lawton Stanley – Garte
  • Xiyah St Ruth – Cindy the Skull
  • Kyle Simmons – Morell the Cryptozoologist
  • Ben Davies – Rene Arnaux
  • Chris Nicolaides – Gaston Martin
  • Veronica Chon – Washerwoman
  • Elena Dent – Fritte Clerk
  • Lenval Brown – Trailer Narrator
  • Amber Janelle Putnam – Ruby the Instigator
  • Maria Elena Carbonell Abors – Paledriver
  • Johnuel Hasney – Pissf******t
  • Amit Sharma – Trant Heidelstam
  • Rebecca Korang – The Gardener
  • Virgil Texas – Smoker on the Balcony
  • Matt Christman – Titus Hardie
  • Stephen Hill – Gary the Cryptofascist
  • Liam Lever – Noid
  • Suzie Sadler – Annette
  • Amy Lightowler – Acele
  • Ida May – Soona, the Lead Programmer
  • Catherine Blandford – Plaisance
  • Pierre Maubouché – Racist Lorry Driver
  • Eva-Lotta Soomer – Little Lilly
  • Pete Curtis – Additional Voiceovers

There are a lot of characters in Disco Elysium and almost as many voice actors. The incredibly talented team has managed to bring to life such a diverse collection of persons. Check out the Shacknews Disco Elysium page for more information about ZA/UM’s critically-acclaimed game.

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