Minecraft Earth assembles 'Mobs at the Park' this Saturday

As part of Minecraft's 10th anniversary celebration, Mojang is inviting Minecraft Earth players in three major cities out to Mobs at the Park.


Minecraft Earth is still in early access, but Microsoft and Mojang are still in the mood to celebrate. The game's beta has been rolling out to more and more regions over the past few weeks and now it's hit a point where Mojang would like to assemble some of its player base. And what better way to draw out mobile phone users than with giant statues? That's the plan, as part of a special Mobs at the Park event.

As part of Minecraft's 10th anniversary celebration, Mobs at the Park is set to take place this Saturday, November 16 across three different sites: New York City, London, and Sydney. It's in these places where players can find life-sized statues of Muddy Pig, Moobloom and the Jolly Llama. These statues will contain a scannable QR code, which unlocks a special adventure in Minecraft Earth. After completing the adventure, players will receive early access to the Jolly Llama.

The New York event will take place at the Hudson Yards. London's event will be located along the Queens Walk. Lastly, the Sydney event will be held in Campbell's Cove. All events will unfold through the next three weekends, with the New York site getting a bonus day for Black Friday. The pop-ups will be open from 10AM-7PM local time.

Don't despair too much if you can't make it out to any of these locations. While you may not be able to unlock the custom adventure, you can still pick up the Jolly Llama when it's made available to all Minecraft Earth users during the month of December.

The Minecraft Earth website has more information on Mobs at the Park. If you're looking to pick up Minecraft Earth and try out the early access game for yourself, remember that it's now available across the United States on both iOS and Android.

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