Build-A-Bear's new giant Snorlax is a Pokemon fan's plushie dream

Build-A-Bear has been going steady with a bunch of new Pokemon plushies, but their new giant Snorlax is altogether perfect.


With Pokemon Sword and Shield right around the corner, it makes sense that we would start seeing Pokemon merchandising on the rise again, but some efforts are a little bit more standout than others. Build-A-Bear’s latest effort is a good example. Just ahead of the latest game, they’ve put out a new Snorlax plush, but it’s no ordinary Build-A-Bear. It’s an extra-large variant suitable of Pokemon’s sleepiest rotund pocket monster.

Build-A-Bear announced their new Snorlax plushie on Facebook and Twitter on November 12, 2019. Available in the US and UK, Build-A-Bear’s new Snorlax comes in at about 24 inches tall (most BABs are around 12 to 16 inches and nearly 8 inches bigger than their original Snorlax plush). It’s easily the appropriately largest plush in BAB’s Pokemon line-up. The plushie comes packed in a bundle with quite a few extras, including a robe and bed cap and exclusive Build-A-Bear variant of the Snorlax Pokemon Trading Card Game card. You can even select whether you want Snorlax to come dressed in its sleepwear or not if you don’t feel like messing with its accessories.

Snorlax comes just ahead of the launch of Pokemon Sword and Shield on November 15. Where in this generation of the franchise, enormous sized “Gigantamax” versions of regular Pokemon is the new gimmick, it makes sense that we’d see a big version of a beloved classic in the new toys coming out. Even so, it’s also just sensible that any proper Snorlax merchandise would take up extra space.

Build-A-Bear’s Snorlax is a little pricey at $99.50 retail for the whole set, but if you’re a Pokemon fan (or know one) who is looking for a big, pillowy friend, the plus-sized Snorlax might be worth your attention as we get ready to curl up with the new game.

How are you preparing for the new Pokemon Sword and Shield? Have you seen any good new toys or merch ahead of the new games? Let us know in the Shacknews Chatty comment section below.

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