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Get Seasoned Exotic Bird Meat - Pelican location in Red Dead Online

Learn how to get Exotic Bird meat and complete the 'Cooked Seasoned Exotic Bird meat' challenge in Red Dead Online.


There are tons of animals, plants, and collectible items to find as you explore the world of Red Dead Redemption 2 in Red Dead Online. Each day you’ll receive a new list of daily challenges, which will usually want you to find some kind of animals, plants, or specific item. In this guide we’ll show you how to complete the challenge to cook seasoned Exotic Bird Meat by showing you how to find the Pelican and get Exotic Bird Meat in Red Dead Online.

Pelican location - How to get Exotic Bird Meat in Red Dead Online

Like many of the animals in Red Dead Redemption 2, you can usually find a specific portion of the map that proves quite handy for gathering those animals and the meat or items that they have to offer. Pelicans are no different, and you can find a great spot for this animal situated just west of Rhodes, and down the coastline around Braithwaite Manor.

Red Dead Online - Pelican, Exotic Bird Meat location
Head to the areas we've marked on the map above to find Pelican easily, allowing you to farm up Exotic Bird Meat.

To find Pelican, make your way along the coastline in the areas that we’ve marked on the map above. These are hotspots for the Pelican, which when plucked will reward you with Exotic Bird Meat, which you need to complete one of the many daily challenges available in Red Dead Online. Once you’ve spotted a Pelican, take it out using your Varmint Rifle or Small Game Arrows to keep from ruining the animal carcass. They can often be tough to spot until they take off, so make use of your Dead Eye to lock on and take them out.

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How to cook seasoned Exotic Bird Meat in Red Dead Online

Once you’ve found and plucked a Pelican, head to your camp in Red Dead Online. You can find this by spotting the blue-colored tent on the map. If it’s too far away, considering having Cripps move it closer to you. Since we’re hunting around Rhodes for this challenge, you can set your camp up in Scarlet Meadows to move it much closer.

RDO - Pelican, Exotic Bird Meat
The American White Pelican is a great source of Exotic Bird Meat in Red Dead Online.

Head to the campfire and cook the Exotic Bird Meat using Thyme, Mint, or Oregano. You can find these items all around the world, and when used with the Exotic Bird Meat at the fire, you’ll be rewarded with Seasoned Exotic Bird Meat, which will complete this challenge.

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