Where to sell chests in Sea of Thieves

Start selling your chests to the right person in Sea of Thieves so you can start saving your gold for a fancy new hook!


One of the best ways to make money in Sea of Thieves is by selling chests. For those who might be new to Rare’s pirate title, working out where to sell chests can be a bit tough, as there’s a whole lot of ocean and dozens of islands. But if you know where to look and who to speak to, you’ll have your pockets lined with gold in no time.

Where to sell chests

sell chests sea of thieves
Dropping a chest at the feet of a Gold Hoarder isn't selling it. You need to actually choose the "sell" option while holding the chest.

There’s only one place to sell chests in Sea of Thieves: the Gold Hoarders. These gold-covered men are found on all of the Outposts dotted around the map and they’re more than willing to offer you some gold in exchange for a chest.

Once you’ve got your booty on your ship, look at the map and work out which Outpost is the closest. Set sail to the Outpost or even another one if it looks like another ship is nearby. When you arrive at the Outpost, look for a green tent – it will have a golden key icon on it. If you get lost, look for directions using the street signs. Follow the sign with the golden key.

how to sell chests in sea of thieves
Press the appropriate button to sell the chest to the Gold Hoarder.

Take your chest to the Gold Hoarder (his name will begin with the letter H) and, while holding the chest, press the “sell” button. Dropping the chest at his feet is not enough. If you managed to sell it, the chest will disappear from your hands and you will be awarded some gold and a bit of XP.

sea of thieves chest of legends
The Chest of Legends can only be given to the Mysterious Stranger.

Nearly all types of chests can be sold to the Gold Hoarders. The only chests that aren’t sold to this trading company are Reaper’s Chests and Chests of Legends. These are sold to Duke and the Mysterious Stranger respectively.

The only types of chests that can be sold to multiple locations are Collector’s Chests. These Collector’s Chests are the only chests that can be opened in Sea of Thieves. These are often used to store quest items or to transport goods to and from your ship. So far, you can sell the Collector's Chests to the Gold Hoarders, Merchant Alliance, and Order of Souls for a handful of gold and XP. This is a great way to bump up your levels a little bit at the end of each play session.

Selling chests in Sea of Thieves is easy, just track down the Gold Hoarders’ tent and hand over the chest. The only challenge will be other players trying to get their hands on your booty. Be sure to sail over to the Shacknews Sea of Thieves guide and walkthrough for even more helpful articles!

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